What we sell is more than a dress or piece of jewelry, it's a piece of history. A dress from the 40s has survived events like World War ll. A bracelet from the 80s was a result of a period in time when MTV music videos were first introduced.  Buying vintage also helps to reduce environmental waste , so garments are not destroyed.  What kind of journey or adventure will you take your dress on?

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Doing What We Love

 As the owner of Stella Ella Dress Shop , I've been a fashion collector and curator for over 20 years. My fascination with vintage fashion began when I used to visit my grandmother and she would show me her vast collection of gowns and jewelry.

When I think of vintage , I think of heirlooms and historical pieces that have traveled through time and survived. If only those pieces could talk, I find myself often wondering what and who owned this dress ? what kind of adventures  and parties were  attended with this beautiful necklace?

For me personally there is sentimental value to the collections that I acquire, not only because of  the stories from the women who owned them before me . however just knowing  that I am now the caretaker of this rare and beautiful piece and its my job to make sure it finds a suitable home. 

More Than Just A Dress Shop

We are on a mission. We are always searching for rare and unique one-of-a -kind pieces to add to our collection and always finding new ways to exhibit our collection to help provide education and preserve the history of fashion designers of the past. 


In  order to preserve the integrity and the history of our collection, we host private events to purchase from our collection. See our Vintage Revival Series Pop Up Shop or join us whedn we launch the Vintage Revival Shopping Network.

The Vintage Revival Series Pop Up Shop

 Thank you for stopping by, make sure to subscribe or check our events page often to see where our next Vintage Revival Series Pop Up Shop will be held. We would love to see you.

Our mission is to be part of the effort to re-introduce vintage fashion back into the consumer market while at the same time preserving history of the garments, the process, the designers and manufacturers and rescue garments from being destroyed .

This series will talk about the importance of preservation of these garments within the fashion industry, education and will allow you to step back in time and experience how private shows were held in small fashion houses in Paris. We hope you will join us on this exciting journey.