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Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is  Kim Bella Chandler and I am the owner of Stella Ella. When people ask me how I got started as a collector and now  It all began when she was just a young girl. Kim's grandmother was a major influence in her life. 

Young minds are very impressionable, 

That is where her passion comes from and the reason for her love for vintage fashion.  

Our Mission

 Stella Ella specializes in the procurement and resale of unique and rare vintage jewelry pieces.  

 Our mission is to seek out beautiful pieces from the past, in an effort to preserve the legacy of fine costume jewelry designers worldwide.  Fashion jewelry styles reflected the societies and eras in which they were worn and often depicted events that were newsworthy at that time.   Please join us on our journey.  

Thank You

 I would lke to extend a personal "Thank You" to all of our loyal customers.  for sharing this journey with us and for allowing us to continue doing what we love.                                                                                                                                                    With Love,

                                Kim Bella Chandler

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